Monday, 20 October 2014

Fashion Trends to look out for this summer!

The Evolution of Converse Shoes!

The Converse All Star sneaker is back and it's bad. It comes in different designs, colours, sizes and we can now officially say that everyone owns a pair. The art of customization has allowed for many individuals to altar their sneakers to their personal specifications.

Ladies and Gents I present to you the new Chuck Taylor All Star Ox.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Bubu! Well i kind of feel left out since i do not really own a pair of all star yet LOL...but headed there. These Chucks are just too fresh i think i'd fear wearing them haahahahah! The style is very distinctive and it somehow introduces me to a different market. Do you mind sharing more about it? like the availability and attire tips that would accentuate it!

  2. This is the oldest most popular Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker which you are familiar with, only that it is a custom design modified to individual specifications. Therefore, it is not available to the masses but you can visit the Taylor website to create a custom design of your choice.


    The All Star was one of the first mass produced basketball shoe in North America produced in 1908 by the Converse Rubber Corporation. It consisted of a very thick rubber sole and an ankle covering canvas. They are considered a leisure shoe and tend to be purchased because of their fashionable status.
    In history they were worn by basketball players, rock musicians and younger generations, mainly worn for their distinctive looks, colours and comfort. However, nowadays you can wear them with anything. They go well with denims (especially the high-tops) or you can wear the low-tops with shorts or skirts.
    Hope this helps :)